Chester, New York |
Employment Opportunity

The Nexans Energy Chester Plant, is formerly known as Alcatel Wire & Cable Inc. and Chester Cable Corporation. In 2001, the Nexans IPO was issued on the Paris Stock Exchange. Nexans operates in over 60 countries with over 18,000 employees worldwide.

The approximately 140 employees who operate the plant equipment, maintain the facility, inspect, ship and receive product are members of the IBEW local 1430. The plant currently operates three Shifts, 5 days per week. When business conditions warrant increased production, departments may run 7 days per week on a 4 shift continental schedule. There are approximately 20-salary employees who handle the functions of Administration, Manufacturing, Accounting, Engineering, Human Resources, Materials Management, Plant Supervision, Quality Assurance, MIS and Operations. In addition, there are approximately 15 employees representing Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at the Nexans Chester facilities.

Within this 250,000 square foot facility, a diverse range of specialty wire and cable products are manufactured for a number of national distributors and original equipment manufacturers. Products produced at Chester are used in instrumentation, power and lighting circuits, water irrigation systems, residential and commercial building industry applications, and overhead transmission lines.

The office section of this facility was originally a school building. The plant was built behind the office to accommodate the over 300 pieces of manufacturing equipment. There are ongoing efforts to modernize, upgrade and computerize the plant in support of Nexans goals of continued product expansion and financial growth. Since 1997, over $30 million has been invested in new machinery to expand the plant’s range and product portfolio.

In 1996, the Chester Plant achieved ISO 9002 certification, recognizing the quality of its manufacturing processes and finished products. We continue to maintain and support our continuous quality system. In 2002, we were successful in receiving our ISO 2002 registration.

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