• Acquired and installed computer and database in SAIL office

donated by SAIL founding families and SAIL volunteers

  • Launched SAIL website, SAILFoundationNY.org, developed 1 pg info flyer

cost, time, and expertise donated by SAIL Founding Family/Advisory Board and SAIL tech volunteer


  • Opened a business checking account with funds donated by SAIL Advisory Board members
  • Submitted contract to Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan to operate as a charitable fund under their 501 (c)3 status.
  • Deposited $2,500.00 to CFOS fund to open the account – donated by a SAIL Founding Family


  • Launched monthly empowerment meetings for clients and supporting family members
  • Developed trifold brochure – design, layout, and printing donated by SAIL founding families
  • Printed signs for fundraisers- donated by SAIL client family
  • Jokers Comedy Club Fundraiser- the SAIL Foundation mission was shared with more than 100 people.
  • Winslow Duck Derby Fundraiser


  • SAIL Foundation was the charity of choice at Middlesex Co. Horse Show Charity Relay and Silent Auction.
  • The SAIL Foundation mission was shared with everyone who attended the show over a 3 day period.


  • SAIL Family Picnic (networking opportunity for families, clients, and local job location partner prospects)


  • First visit to job location partner, Nexans Energy, Wallkill, NY
  • First job placement of SAIL client at Nexans Energy
  • Joined Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce-membership fee donated by SAIL advisory board members
  • Joker’s Comedy Club fundraiser – shared the SAIL mission with nearly 100 people.


  • SAIL Empowerment guest speaker Anne Marie Ramos. Trained SAIL families in “Family Dynamics and the Importance of Communication”.

**Although we’ve been communicating with our adult children for 21+ years, Anne Marie offered insights and reminders to enlighten and encourage families who face a variety of challenges.

  • SOAR Professional Women’s Conference- SAIL was the charity of choice for silent auction and raffle.

The SAIL Foundation mission was shared with nearly 200 participants, including volunteers, speakers and vendors


  • SAIL Empowerment guest speaker Leizer Gewirtzman, CPA, ChSNC, special care financial planner and parent of a special needs child. **At least 3 of our families have met with Leizer privately to assist with financial planning. His experience and depth of understanding is a priceless resource – a great referral for those who need assistance.


  • CFOS Fund increased to $10,146.67


Although $10,146.67 seems like a small return for the effort, building a foundation requires a great deal of hard work and sacrifice. Over this past year we’ve checked many items off of our growing “to-do” list. We’ve grown our fund, and we’ve helped our clients and their supporting families. Most important, however, is the fact that we reached beyond our own resources and gained exposure in a variety of demographics – this is the key to growing our foundation and ultimately reaching those who will be able to assist us financially so we can build our dream, a home for high functioning members of the special needs community that provides Strategic Access to Independent Living through a flexible and guiding culture of support.